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The Worlds First Ultrasonic Toothbrush For Pets!

Health Begins In The Mouth

This not only applies to us humans, but also to our pets. If the and gums are well cared for your four-legged friend can bite hard and enjoy health teeth and gums well into old age.

The emmi®-pet ultrasonic toothbrush helps you to support your dog with dental care because regular tooth brushing is the most effective measure to keep mouth and teeth healthy - even with four-legged friends. Our emmi®-pet ultrasonic toothbrush cleans even inside tightest spaces in-between teeth and gums for cleaner teeth and healthier gums.  emmi®-pet’s patented 100% ultrasound wave technology operates completely silent and cleans without brushing - no annoying noise, no vibrations This makes emmi®-pet the oral care solution preferred by pet owners and pet care professionals.


We explain here why regular teeth cleaning is just as important for your pet as it is for us humans

The Advantages of the emmi®-pet Ultrasonic Toothbrush

Patented Brush Head with 100% Ultrasound

Unlike electric brush models, our worldwide patented ultrasonic toothbrush easily reaches even the tightest spaces between the teeth and thus ensures optimal cleaning of your animal's teeth and gums.

Gentle & Noiseless Deep Cleaning

With the emmi®-pet ultrasonic toothbrush, plaque and bacteria are removed very gently, even from the narrowest spaces between the teeth, without scrubbing or humming. Your dog likes to put up with that. And it also means: bye-bye bad breath!

Reduces Inflammation and Secondary Diseases

With the regular use of the emmi®-pet ultrasonic toothbrush you can prevent tartar, gingivitis and secondary diseases in your darling. And a healthy oral flora can even extend the life of the animal.

No Risk of Anesthesia for the Darling

With regular use, you save your darling and you the nerve-wracking, expensive teeth cleaning, as well as any anesthesia and dental surgery.

One Device, Double Use

Depending on the attachment, our device is extremely well suited for tooth and coat care. The emmi®-pet care attachments can have a positive effect on a wide variety of complaints such as inflammation, tick bites or osteoarthritis.

This is how ultrasonic teeth cleaning works with the emmi®-pet!

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The European Pet Oral Health Care
Product of the Year 2022

emmi®-pet's award-winning technology is used by pet care professionals worldwide and has
been recognized by the UK's largest pet publication as the
"Pet Oral Health Product of the Year 2022".

This is What Our Customers Say About emmi®-pet Ultrasound

Doris F.

My dog ​​can be treated without resistance. I find it very good that the brush works silently. Read All

Ralf W.

I bought the toothbrush for our two Bolonkas. After I thought when I started it up for the first time. Read All

Kerstin B.

The toothbrush is worth the money. We have miniature dachshunds, which really suffer from bad tartar and bad breath. Read All

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