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The Company

emmi®-ultrasonic, based in Germany, has specialized in the development, manufacture and worldwide sales of innovative ultrasonic devices and processes. The patented emmi®-ultrasound products are characterized by extremely miniaturized ultrasound chips and technological innovations that have been used for cleaning, prophylaxis and therapy in the oral and dermatological area since 2008.

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The majority of the emmi®-ultrasonic companies belong to the EMAG AG GROUP, Mörfelden-Walldorf (Germany) and deal exclusively in the field of health-beauty-wellness. We have been developing new, revolutionary ultrasound technologies for oral hygiene and teeth cleaning since 2005. The basis of this innovation comes from the extensive experience of the group of companies in the areas of ultrasonic cleaning devices in hospitals, engine cleaning in racing, among others, Ferrari, in industry at Ford automobiles and engine cleaning baths in aviation, e.g. Lufthansa and Air France.

The founder and main shareholder of the EMAG AG group of companies and the emmi
®-ultrasonic company is Bülent Emekci, developer and electrical engineer.

The product range consists of the following areas:

  • emmi®-nail for nail design: UV light curing devices and accessories for professional nail studios and private users

  • emmi®-ultrasonic World: Ultrasonic cleaning devices and cleaning agents for cleaning small and large parts for industry, trade and end users

  • Micro-ultrasonic tooth cleaning devices with the brands emmi®-dent (ultrasonic oral hygiene for humans) and emmi®-pet (ultrasonic oral hygiene for animals)

  • Micro-ultrasonic massage devices with the brand emmi®-skin


Applications for products from EMAG AG can be found in the household and hobby, workshop and trade (jewelers, opticians, etc.), in laboratories, medical facilities and in doctors' and dental practices as well as nail and tattoo studios.
In addition, the company develops individual customer solutions of all sizes for industry.

EMAG AG has more than 20 self-researched patents worldwide as well as its own research and development department.

The aim of the group of companies is to use innovative technologies and products with ultrasound to improve the quality of life for all people and to enable them to be used by everyone at home. Constant efforts of the corporate group in the field of research and development lead to more and more new, innovative applications of ultrasound for health and beauty, which significantly improve people's quality of life. The possibilities of using ultrasound in these areas are only just beginning and will provide many surprises in the near and distant future.

"Made in Germany"

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