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Product tester campaign on emmi®-pet ultrasonic toothbrush reviews

The packaging of the toothbrush is very high quality and immediately gives an impression of high quality. The scope of delivery was very extensive and we were able to use the toothbrush after 12 hours of charging. My dogs are not used to brushing their teeth and so we slowly started by letting the toothbrush sniff out. What was very strange at first is that the emmi®-pet does not make any noises or movements. You can only tell from the green light that it is on and that only works when the brush head is attached.
This was of course a blessing for getting used to it, as the dogs weren't afraid. 
We applied some toothpaste every day and held the emmi
®-pet on each tooth for 5 seconds. They didn't like the taste that much at the beginning, but after 7 days they let it go. On days when we didn't make it so persistently, I applied the supplied dental care gel to the back of the molars. 
After the first few applications, a significant reduction in loose tartar and dirt on the teeth could be seen. Now, after 2 weeks of use, the inflamed areas are less and the stubborn deposits are slowly loosening. I am very surprised about this effect and am happy that my dogs can now be spared dental restoration under anesthesia.
The effort was already quite large in the initial phase, as the dogs were of course not enthusiastic. But now things are going pretty well and we have changed the interval to every 3 days.

- Manon Grossmann, Borkow

We have been using the emmi®-pet ultrasonic toothbrush for almost 2 weeks. After an initial period of getting used to it, our dog can be "treated" with it without stress. We practiced with the brush head every day, first the dog was allowed to sniff and lick it, as well as the toothpaste. Only after a few days did we put our head on the handpiece and started actively cleaning it. We were able to quickly see visible results on the outside of the tooth, the inside is a bit more difficult, but that too can be done with a little practice. All in all, the plaque has already become significantly less in this short time and if we save our dog an expensive dental treatment under anesthesia with this toothbrush, the emmi®-pet ultrasonic brush is definitely worth the price.

- Manu Goebel, Schwalbach

The toothbrush is quite easy to use and has a good effect as some tartar has already loosened from my dog's teeth. The brush had turned a dark color. It was difficult the first time cleaning because my dog ​​didn't really want to. The more you do it, the easier it becomes as he gets used to it. He seems to like the toothpaste, so he always starts to suck on it with his tongue. With a little practice, you can recommend the emmi®-pet Ultrasonic toothbrush. The bad breath has gotten better in my dog, but it is not completely gone. Perhaps this will be the case with more frequent use.

- Dörte Sladek, Kaufbeuren

The handset first has to be charged, takes 24 hours and is indicated by the blue LED. If the LED goes out, the battery is full.
The brush attachments can be easily attached and detached, but still sit well. Starting point: My dog ​​is a Tervueren Belgian Shepherd for 3.5 years, it has strong discoloration on the fangs and lighter coatings on the molars. No bad breath. She has a very good relationship of trust with me. Is a certified rescue dog, accordingly she has a stable character and is not fearful.
First use: My dog ​​looks at me a little skeptically, endures it, she tries to wipe off the toothpaste with her tongue. Since the toothbrush doesn't vibrate or make a sound, it doesn't really dislike it. For me it's rather strange that I don't need either pressure or movement when cleaning. Light soiling and deposits are gone after 2-3 applications. The firmer ones weaken a bit, but are still there. After such a short time, I cannot say whether they will also go away. I think the emmi
®-pet ultrasonic toothbrush is a good choice for a normal dog / human relationship. With very anxious dogs, it takes patience and a careful approach so that the dog does not develop aversion. Since the device neither vibrates nor makes noises, it is really just a matter of getting used to the device.
I have not yet tested the Orozyme dental care gel because I consider the emmi
®-pet ultrasonic toothbrush to be more important and I did not want to falsify the test.

- Manuela Trendelberend, Gütersloh

We bought the toothbrush for our two bolonkas. After I thought that the device was broken when I first started it, because nothing was buzzing or vibrating, I watched a YouTube video about it. Now we are very enthusiastic and the dogs like to have their teeth brushed. Just hold the brush against the teeth with the toothpaste for 10 seconds and the success is visible after one week.

- Ralf W.

The toothbrush worth the money. We have dwarf dachshunds that really suffer from bad tartar and bad breath. Already after the 2nd APPLICATION bad breath had almost completely disappeared. Also the inflammations of the gums are noticeably reduced. If you persist with patience and perseverance and praise the rascals extensively after each tooth exposed to sound and reward them with treats, the dogs can stand it quite well and it becomes easier with each day to carry out the treatment.

- Kerstin B.

Instant delivery! My dog allows to be treated without resistance. It is very good that the brush works silently. Therefore the dog has no stress. He likes the toothpaste too. We have used it once now and have already noticed a small success. I am glad I bought it. In any case it saves an anesthetic. A package with rubber gloves, wooden sticks and disinfectant was also included. I find this very nice.

- Doris F.

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