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Emmi®-pet Tartar Remover

Emmi®-pet Tartar Remover

PriceFrom $25.99
Excluding Sales Tax
  • Helps to remove hard tartar (calculus) bacterial buildup
  • Cleans by manual scraping action with the pointed stone tip
  • Does not use ultrasound
  • Can be attached to all emmi-pet and emmi-dent devices


Tartar (calculus) is the very hard bacterial buildup on teeth that can lead to tooth damage and gum inflammation. The Emmi®-pet Tartar remover supports the cleaning process by loosening and removing tartar deposits. Cleaning works by scraping manually. Simply hold the tool in your hand. For easier handling, attach to an emmi-pet or emmi-pet device. Removes tartar manually and without ultrasound.


Please note – the tartar remover is highly abrasive and should be used gently and sparingly to avoid damaging the tooth enamel. In case of excessive tartar build up, we recommend a professional cleaning.

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