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Alternatives to Brushing Your Dog's Teeth

Alternatives to brushing your dog's teeth?

If you brush your dog's teeth, you will often be looked at crookedly or smiled at, because for many people this form of animal love goes too far. Dental care for dogs is not only important, it is also useful. Veterinarians recommend daily dental hygiene and mouth checks on dogs. In today's blog post we explain why the accusation of humanization is completely inappropriate when it comes to dental care.

Brushing your dog's teeth makes sense

Dogs have larger spaces between their teeth than humans. As a result, self-cleaning through saliva works much better in dogs than in humans. And yet our beloved four-legged friends are also exposed to the same harmful "attackers" as is the case with human teeth. It is therefore not a good idea to sit back and relax and leave your dog's dental health to nature. At a certain age, the natural protective mechanisms are no longer sufficient.

The mere fact that our dogs are no longer fed originally and as nature intended, shows that from a certain point the health of the mouth and teeth can no longer regulate itself. Dental problems in dogs are now the order of the day. In the past they were an exception, they are now the rule.

How to care for dog's teeth?

More and more manufacturers are bringing more and more products onto the market that are intended for the dental care of your dog. But which products are suitable? In any case, toothpaste for humans and conventional dental care products are taboo. Due to their ingredients, these products are not suitable for dog dental care.

Chewing bones and special dental sticks are recommended for natural dental care in dogs. They are scented well and are not spurned by any dog. It goes without saying that they encourage the natural abrasion of the teeth. However, the risk of choking and choking is enormous. Dental care products of this type should therefore only be used under supervision. With older dogs you should completely avoid dental care products of this kind, the risk of injury is significantly higher with age.

The classic finger cot is known as an alternative to the toothbrush. Made of silicone or microfiber, finger cots for brushing teeth often have a certain amount of silver. The finger cot makes it easy to get started with regular dental care, but is almost ineffective with existing deposits. Even cleaning the finger cot is not always hygienic.

Dog toothpaste in combination with a classic toothbrush is always characterized by attractive flavors and smells. This is exactly what can cause problems. Many dogs simply lick the toothpaste off or start chewing. This makes it very difficult and ineffective to clean the teeth.

Our emmi ® -pet is a special dog toothbrush. The technology is based on ultrasound. Perfectly tailored to the needs of your four-legged friend, it works with little noise and vibration. In contrast to a conventional toothbrush, ultrasound does not clean through mechanical abrasion, but solely through the bubbles that the special toothpaste forms. Bacteria are killed and in a very gentle way.


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