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emmi®-pet Pro Skin Care P2 Attachments (10-Pack)

emmi®-pet Pro Skin Care P2 Attachments (10-Pack)

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  • 5 Packs of 2 emmi-pet Skin Care P2 attachments (10 units total)

Take a look at how our emmi®-pet Skin Care works

Click Here for video on how the P2 Skin Care attachment works

The patented ultrasound system from emmi®-pet is ideal for daily wound care, skin and coat care of your animal. Regular sonication of the affected area also relieves pain and inflammation over the long term.

The emmi®-pet Care P2 - ultrasonic attachments are simply placed on the emmi®-pet handpiece and moistened with water. After the ultrasound gel has been applied to the area to be treated, the device can be used as often as required until the desired result is achieved.

emmi®-pet  - patented ultrasonic technology.

Note: The attachments should only be cleaned with water!

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