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Ultrasonic Toothbrush For Humans - Metallic Blue Starter Set

Ultrasonic Toothbrush For Humans - Metallic Blue Starter Set

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  • 2-Pin-System -  optimized clocking of the ultrasonic wave delivery
  • Up to 96 Millionen Multifrequency oscillations/minute
  • 12 days Battery life (2x3 minutes daily)
  • Vibration can be completely switched off - for 100% pure ultrasonic cleaning action


Especially suitable:

  • for sensitive teeth and gums - Brush without abrasive scrubbing
  • against inflammation of the gums - according to clinical studies
  • for implants cleans where ordinary bristles cannot reach
  • for gum pockets - helps reduce of pockets
  • against periodontitis
  • against bad breath - Reduction of bacteria
  • for plaque reduction - usually clinical studies

emmi®-dent - Top Mark Smart Home 2021!

Our emmi®-dent ultrasonic toothbrush is one of the winners and was awarded in the category "Smart electric and sonic toothbrushes“! Why electric and sonic toothbrushes?The ultrasonic technology for toothbrushes is so innovative that there is currently no separate category for it! However, our ultrasonic toothbrush was able to convince the consumers and thus secured a place on the list of winners among the normal sonic toothbrushes. For this, we were also awarded a seal and a certificate - go here to source - "Computer Bild"

Health begins in the mouth!


For the first time in the history of mankind emmi®-dent, makes it possible to brush your teeth without any mechanical movements! Don't scrub your valuable enamel away, just hold the brush head against your teeth and the ultrasonic will do the rest for you. Healthy and radiant white teeth are the result of our worldwide patented technology. The abrasion-free application prevents damage to the teeth, enamel and gums..

The worldwide patented piezo-ceramic chip (ultrasonic transducer) in the brush head generates the ultrasonic and conducts it with up to 96 million air vibrations per minute directly into the micro-blower-enriched emmi®-dent Ultrasonic-Toohpastes. The ultrasonic waves destroy the structure of the microblisters, creating a suction effect and removing the biofilm and deposits. Thus you clean your teeth thoroughly and protect the gums without brushing. The result is noticeably smooth teeth. Bacteria are reduced and the oral cavity remains fresh for a longer period of time after cleaning.


Especially suitable:

  • for sensitive gums - Brush without scrubbing
  • against inflammation of the gums - according to clinical studies
  • for implants
  • for the cleaning of braces - according to clinical studies
  • for gum pockets - Reduction of pockets
  • against Periodontitis
  • against bad breath - Reduction of bacteria
  • for plaque reduction - usually clinical studies


emmi®-dent – Clinically tested by the University of Witten/Herdecke (Click here for the studies)


Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c. Peter Managing Director of the oral medical institute at the University of Witten Herdecke:

  • - "Unique tooth cleaning, without any vacuum movement"
  • - "Safely and thoroughly removes the biofilms of plaque"
  • - "Completely eliminates the risk of dental restorations on teeth and cervicals"
  • - "Especially recommended for sensitive teeth"
  • - "Prevention of gum injuries through abrasion-free application"
  • - "Promotes the reduction of gingivitis with regular use"
  • - "Cleans your teeth thoroughly and is gentle on your gums without brushing"
  • - "No damage to the enamel"

"Due to the abrasion-free application, there is no foam on the teeth and gums. emmi®-dent offers you a comfortable and motionless application in the entire oral cavity (see here for more).

We still recommend that you treat your interdental spaces with aids from emmi®-dent like dental floss, interdental brushes and mouthwashes.


100% Original ultrasonic for perfect oral hygiene and radiant white teeth.


Please note: The only suitable ultrasonic attachments for the emmi®-dent Platinum are emmi®-dent M2 / M4 / S2 / S4 and PM2 - Articel-No. 65107 / 65108 / 65110 / 65111 and 65123.


Note: The attachments should only be cleaned with water!

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